Zinc cures pain from coronary heart disease

Ok, first, what is angina pectoris? It is the pain from coronary heart disease, and zinc can eradicate the pain. Here is an interesting story about how this was discovered.

Dr William W. Halcomb D.O., with colleagues, was conducting a clinical trial to determine the benefits of zinc for the common cold, with volunteers who needed to be healthy, with the exception of having a cold. All was fine and the test was completed.

Five days later a man came back to ask if he had been given a placebo or zinc, and if it were a placebo, what was the placebo? Being curious doctors, they asked the man what importance this could be; he answered by saying that his angina pectoris pain had gone away while taking part in the trial. Well, he shouldn’t have been there in the first place if he weren’t healthy, but he sneaked in somehow. He continued to take zinc to cure his pain, he returned to work, went snow skiiing, and felt great as long as he took his ZINC!