Anti Snore Pillow: Types And Benefits

The anti snore pillows are implemented and designed in a manner to offer smoothness and comfort at sleeping on side or stomach. While sleeping on your back, the tongue might fall back over the throat, thus blocking airways. Therefore, it is recommended to sleep on side to stop snoring, but continuous sleeping on side may cause nape and neck ache. The utility of an anti snore pillow can be defined in this context, as it is made up of soft and lustrous foam, which adjusts your chin, neck and nape postures while sleeping on side and encourages you not to roll over your back once again.

Different types

There are different types of anti snore pillows available, which work distinctly to offer you considerable comfort during sleep and allow you to sleep under proper postures. The main goal is to keep your airways open and prevent any blockage during inhalation and exhalation of air.

  • Anti snore pillow with lowered central portion

A very common type of anti snore pillow is the one made of foam; the center part of it is quite lowered, whereas, the edges are comparatively high and raised. The edge is raised along the bottom of the pillow, which brings the lower jaw in front and resists the chin from touching the chest, by keeping it raised. These adjustments are meant to keep respiratory passageways open and resist collision of tissues. The spine is aligned properly while using such a pillow during sleep.

  • Anti snore pillow with adjustable air bladder in the central portion

There is another type of anti snore pillow, in which an adjustable air bladder is positioned in the center. The sides are firmly prepared, which encourages sleeping on side. The air bladder is adjustable, so that the person can sort out the level of firmness in the pillow, as required. While a suitable level of firmness is found in the pillow, the person can align his neck, back, chin and nape in a proper posture. The achievement of comfortable postures during sleep will encourage the person to sleep on side for long.

  • Pillows designed for placement between thighs and legs

There are alternative pillows designed for placement between legs and thighs. These pillows also allot proper alignment of the spine. While it is positioned between legs and thighs, it allows you to attain a proper posture during sleep; when you have your legs and thighs positioned properly, your spine will be aligned well; this prevents any discomfort while sleeping on side.

These pillows are well designed for offering complete comfort to side sleepers. The sizes and outlook of anti snore pillows may vary, but they are all implemented along the same, which is to align your spine properly. Your chin, throat, neck and nape should be adjusted in proper postures, so that you do not acquire aches while sleeping continuously on your side. All these pillows will indirectly facilitate your respiratory passageways to be open, by aligning your spine properly.